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Random Gallery Pics

Show Winners

Here are the winners of this years AZCC rally held at the 2010 Atlantic Nationals in Moncton.

240Z Rejean Desjardins

260Z Jeffrey Richard

280Z Dan Leblanc

280ZX Allan Leblanc

300ZX(Z31) Aron Tavender

300ZX(Z32) Shane Foote

350Z Danny Comeau

370Z Jane&Brian Burris

Best Overall Richard Desjardins 240Z

Long Haul Award James 'Scotty' Knox of Port Mouton, NS with his

1979 all original 280ZX.


2013 PDF Print E-mail

Hello everyone and welcome to

2012 flew by but now we are back deep into winter and getting ready to have the best year in club history. Lots of new members are joining us via the facebook page so it is a great time to update your build threads or start a new one. Lots of new blood also means we are going to have some good sources if you are looking for parts to get your project on the road. I know my own challenges with my car have helped me appreciate the struggles of restoring and owning a vintage car. It's great to have a local community of like minded people to power you when you get the winter z car blues. Hopefully we can rebuild the traffic on the site but of course that doesn't happen without all the members (and non members) posting it up. So let us knows your ideas and lets make this year the strongest one ever.

The Moncton Car show is coming up again for 2013 and also there is Z con so keep an eye out for updates and group drives.


President elect 2012 - Andrew Oulton

8th Annual Atlantic Z Car Rally PDF Print E-mail

Club Rally 2010 The 8th Annual Atlantic Z Car Club rally is just around the corner. This years rally will again be held in Moncton at the Atlantic Nationals. We are hoping for our largest Z car turn out to date.The Nationals event schedule runs from July 7th-10th. Our Z rally will be held from the 8th-10th.

If you can only make it one day please plan to attend on Saturday, July 9th as we will be holding our judging and handing out the trophies. For a full schedule of events for the Nationals please visit the official Nationals website here.

For more information on how to register your Z for the Nationals click here. When you are filling out your registration form under Club Affiliations: please add Atlantic Z Car Club. Hope to see you there!

Message from our 2011 President PDF Print E-mail

2011 - a new year for the Atlantic-Z club members and a new chapter for myself. Hello and welcome to Atlantic Z.

First thing, I would like to do is welcome anyone who has never been here before. Please feel free to join the community. We are a very friendly group of Z enthusiasts and everyone is welcome to join and post on our boards. You don't even need to own a Z car to become a member. I personally owned one in my youth and then joined years after I had sold my car. I was looking all over for Z cars from Montreal, Toronto and even thinking about heading down to the USA for my dream car.

In the end I sent out a little joke post saying I wanted a 5 speed 84 AE with under 100k for a price I could handle and not even a day later "I have one" came the reply. So a trip down to Halifax and boom I was back in the fold. Like every stop along the way, I met quite a few of the local members and can honestly say we have a great bunch of guys and gals on the forum.

Second, I would like to welcome back all Z car member enthusiasts for another great year of "new" cars, friendship and knowledge sharing!

Last years president Paul Wilcox did an amazing job and I am really honored to have been voted the challenge of following in his footsteps.

The big event this year will again be the Moncton Nationals. Last year we changed from the Halifax waterfront one-day-event to the 4 Day Moncton Nationals and it was a great turnout! Our goal this year is to get even more of you and your cars out on the roads to the nationals and for us to capture even more rogue owners into our web. So if you see any Z cars, Datsuns or what have you get them a card and tell them to drop over and join.

It's a family friendly community and you will only find positive support for our love of these cars. So please check us out, join up if you haven't already and then get those cars out and spread the word.


Andrew Oulton
President 2011

Atlantic Z at the Atlantic Nationals in Moncton PDF Print E-mail


7th Annual Atlantic Z Car Club Rally at the 2010 Atlantic Nationals in Moncton a Success

I would like to take a moment a congratulate all of you in helping to make this year’s club rally one of the best yet. Starting the cruise up from the valley Friday with members joining the convoy in Sackville, Truro and along the way. Thanks to Hector and Linda for booking a place for us to eat and recharge, atmosphere was relaxing and we all got to talk and get to know one another better. The street dance/show was great and it was the start of a great weekend.

Saturday was a full day and I’d like to thank Ross, Brad, Bob and Jim for kicking it off at the park. The amount of cars that we ended up with was terrific, 33 at the end of the day I believe. I would like to congratulate the award winners again and hope you enjoyed your day. We would like to thank Terry Gibson and Champlain Nissan for hosting a BBQ and picture opportunity which was a wonderful sight to see them all together amongst the flags. The cruise along the river was enjoyed by all and was a pleasure to be driving instead of sitting. To those that went to the dance I hope you all had a good time and I have the feeling it’ll even be better next year.


2010 Atlantic Z Car Club at Champlain Nissan

Sunday, what can you say, I have to take a minute and thank Bob and his crew for always cooking breakfast. We all appreciate this even if it doesn’t get said enough sometimes, and he’ll have two stoves next year. A little rain did come Sunday but that didn’t stop us from having a good turn-out again. Combining our annual event with the Nationals event went smoothly and will be continued from here on end. It was a day to relax and socialize before heading to the awards and I would like to congratulate Rejean Desjardins for winning multiple awards and representing the club as he does.

For pictures of the events check out our gallery of the event here. Also check out the forum posts on this event and join in the conversation here.

In closing I must say that the AZCC is moving forward every year and it’s mainly because of the people that enjoy their cars and helping one another. Stay safe and enjoy the ride until we get together again.
P.S.  Sussex Balloon Festival is on September 11 & 12 mark this on your calendar and join us again. Stay tuned for details in the near future.

Paul Wilcox
President, AZZC, 2010


Facebook PDF Print E-mail

 Atlantic Z Car Club is on Facebook. We have been for some time actually thanks to Andrew Oulton. Join our facebook group and stay in touch with current happenings. Get facebook updates about cruises this summer and help spread the word about Atlantic Z!

2010 - Paul Wilcox PDF Print E-mail

I would like to welcome standing and new members to Atlantic Canada's Datsun/Nissan Club. We have seen our site grow to over 60,000 hits a month so this tells us we are going in the right direction. First I would like to thank everyone for electing me to represent you this year. I have been a member for 5 years now and have had my 1984 300zx 50th anniversary for that time. With the help of a great executive, Bob Henwood, Jim Brennen, Peter Sansome, Ross Parks and Jeffrey Richard I'm positive we can have another successful year.

This year our main event to come together is at the Atlantic Nationals in Moncton on July 9th- 11th. I am hoping that we have the best turnout the club has seen at this event. Come and show your support be it 1 day or the weekend.

Objectives for the year:

Have an annual club meeting while we are all together at the nationals.

Have an event we can go to as a club and have a cruise/show as we did last year at the Balloon Festival in Sussex.

Create a contact list for members with names and phone numbers.

Mainly to have a safe enjoyable summer and enjoy our cars.

If anyone has a creative idea for the club please get in touch with one of our members or myself and share it with us. Looking forward to meeting everyone this summer...

Paul Wilcox

President AZCC 2010

Executive Announced for 2010 PDF Print E-mail
  • Paul Wilcox - President
  • Bob Henwood - VP NS
  • Jim Brennan - VP NB and PEI
  • Peter Sansome - VP NFLD
  • Ross Parks - Treasurer - Marketing Director
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