Haltech Configuration Files and Tips from "Mescalindreamz"

configuration file ( haltech f9 series)

fuel map


Engine Running lean precaution:

To get to the fuel maps and there rpms

1000 is f1
1500 is f1 + alt------hold buttons at the same time
2000 is f2
2500 is f2 + alt
3000 is f3,,,hopefully your getting the picture. 

If the engine is running too rich then

 go back and lower all of them, make sure you write down how many times you lower the fuel or richen your fuel needs. Don't rely on your memory.

Here are the specs of my engine for them.

73' 240z
f54 with n42 match ported and valve seat blended head
custom plenum with ported stock runners
flattop pistons
460 lift 270 280 degree cam
1997 3.7 liter supercharged grand prix 4 spray injectors
74mm tb and internal fuel pump from the grand prix, also used on buick regal
gs engines. Rpo code L67
Headers with 2.5 mendrel bent exhaust all the way back
haltech map sensor
4 wire o2 sensor.
F9 haltech version 4.2
No pcv, just the cone breathers

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