Fuel Injectors

Autozone has GP Sorensen part # 800-1507N $29.95 this includes both the upper and lower rubber insulator "o-rings".

So I cut up an injector just to look inside

Flow Rates:

280Z stock injectors are 188cc units
280ZX Turbo stock injectors are 265cc units

Other Injectors
Supra 295cc Toyota 7MGE
MR2 turbo 365cc Toyota 4AGZE
Supra turbo 430cc Toyota 7MGTE


Fuel Flow Conversions/ Relationships:

lbs/hour  =    cc minute

lbs per hour =     FWHP 

cc per minute =      FWHP

1psi = 6.8947kpa

 A rule of thumb for high compression inline sixes is that each cc is good for 1HP at the crank (185cc gives 185HP). 

Injector Resistance:

2.3 to 3 ohms (for Z)  watch out some are ~ 16ohms



Early 280Zz white/tan body injector. 
Later 280Z green body injector
280ZX Turbo brown body injector. 
Autozone black bodied injector


O" Ring Kit from Autozone, and is GP Sorensen P/N 800-9208 (Injector "O" Ring Kit)
This comes with six small injector pintile "O" Rings, and six big injector body "O" Rings.



Fuel Injector Clips

Be sure to check out the electrical cleaning section here as it addresses the common problem of Fuel injection connector contact cleaning (get those green meanies)


Car Quest Part SK-25 ($13CAD)

Auto Zone part number is  AZ #077926 ($3.99 USD)
GP Sorenson part number is 800-9213
AC Delco part number is PT-113
GM part number is 12085491

These are Bosch units.

How to change injector connectors

Here are two injectors readily available from a junk yard. A GM (from an Achieva and an Audi from an 89) The audi's are much better quality and include a hefty boot. The Audi had a 5 cylinder motor however there were enough connections in the engine compartment to do nearly two Z's. As well there was one to fit an AFM!

Fuel Injector Flow Rate Table:


List of fuel injector specifications (Courtesy of Pallnet) 


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