Steering Rack Tension

The point of contact between the steering wheel and rack.

Remove locking nut and screw.

Pull out the brass retainer and you will see the rack.

My locking nut was seized to the screw so I did the above to break apart.
Cleaning the threads with a wire brush did the trick

Here are the parts:

To reassemble:

Grease everything with white lithium grease while turning the wheels fully left and right. (Spray can and tub)
Pack the opening and exposed rack with grease.
Insert the brass retainer.
Pack in more grease.
Insert retainer spring.
Grease screw threads and turn until snug.
Screw lock nut on until snug.
Tighten screw to taste while checking steering wheel feel by turning (assuming the car is raised).
Back off screw ~ 20 then tighten lock nut with wrench.
Double check steering wheel feel.

Note: I did not notice any significant change after doing this adjustment


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