Z  Tech Tips  Compression Rod Bushing Upgrade

Clean up the compression rod's end nut and thread with a wire brush and penetrating oil.
Note that there are two non-removable cups pressed into the frame.
Unscrew the nut.

The other side of the compression rod. This gets removed after the other end is loosened.

In the above photo, you can see the two bolt ends, nuts and lock washers that hold the other end of the compression rod to
the control arm. A wire brush and penetrating oil makes this job easy.
Actually my car's rust is not as bad as the photos seem. It is the result of a photo enhancement process that makes the
colours more vibrant.

Old vs. New and exploded view of parts.

Detail of orientation.


Reassembly Steps:

flat washer
cupped washer (concave to front)
front bushing (flat side towards frame cup with sleeve inserted)
frame cup (front)
frame cup (rear)
rear bushing (flat side towards frame cup)
cupped washer (concave to back)
captive nut

Grease every thing with supplied grease (washers, frame cups, bushings, cupped washers, sleeve)

Take it for a spin and enjoy the controlled braking.

Always check assembly and nut torques after first drive to make sure everything is hunky-dory!

Shims on my buddy's '77 280z

Not all bushings are made alike. Some can break T/C Rods.
G-Machine on left and Hyperflex on right.


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