U Joints and Half-Shafts


Worn U-Joints are the usual suspects associated with the rear-end clunk

Spicer brand U-Joints are recommended as replacements for half-shafts and drive shafts

Later Z's do not have replaceable drive shaft U-Joints but this does not matter as most drive shaft shops can do the required machine work to install replaceable U-Joints

Grease every 3000 miles

Technical and Cross Reference:

Half-Shaft Drive train
Spicer Part 5-1505X
Precision Part 393
GMB Part: GUN29 (220-0029)
GKN Part: HS448 
Borg-Warner: 114-304
Falcon: U393
Nissan: 37125-21025
Koyo: N2880BA
Matsuba: UJ112
PD No: RUJ2028
Rockford: K1505
Neapo: 1-0029

D: 28.02
0: 52.9
Spicer Part 5-1501X
Precision Part 391
GMB Part: GUN27 (220-0027)
GKN Part: HS420
Borg-Warner: 114-302
Falcon: U391
Nissan: 37125-14627
Koyo: N2563
Matsuba: UJ111
PD No: RUJ1781SL
Rockford: K1501
Neapo: 1-0027

D: 25.02
0: 40

Two 14mm wrenches are needed to unbolt rear half-shafts. Having the car jacked and wheels free helps as the wheel can be turned to aid in accessing the bolts and nuts that hold the flanges together. Each end of the 1/2 shaft (on my '77) has a flange plate with 4 nuts, bolts and lock washers

U Joint Removal Instruction (pdf)


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